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It's not just time spent at the gym

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

When we hear "fitness" we tend to imagine sweaty people in tank tops lifting heavy weights, athletic girls running on a treadmill in their trendiest sport bras matching their leggings, guys casually doing push ups with plates on their back.

All this hard work we get done at the gym is a huge part of being and feeling FIT. Every gym enthusiast will agree that the feeling after a good workout session is priceless and helps with our mindset too.

But sometimes the gym is just not enough or maybe it's too much. FITNESS is about being strong and feeling well and happy. On some days we need to get out, enjoy the sun, listen to birds singing and let our bodies rest and our souls fly.

I believe that time spent in nature is a huge part of being / feeling FIT.

Not going for a hike, bike ride or just staying inside, doing chores on days off feels to me like skipping the gym on my workout days. It doesn't feel right and I get this sinking feeling like I've missed out on something great.

It's amazing how we can wander in our own thoughts while stepping on a mossy trail, breathe deeply and reduce our stress levels while getting to know ourselves. Finding peace and balance means achieving the real FITNESS. Treating our bodies and minds with the same importance is necessary for becoming truly FIT.

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