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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Sunshine heals our souls and helps us feel positive vibes.

Combination of physical activity and sunshine is the best recipe for happy body and mind. When you hesitate either to go outside or not cause you kinda don't want to do anything just GO!

Fresh air, sunshine, walking will help you feel more energetic and more motivated for the rest of your day.


There's science behind it, of course. This is how we feel benefits of the sunshine vitamin, VITAMIN D. Vitamin D is produced naturally in our skin when exposed to sunlight. Except of other health benefits, the sunshine vitamin reduces depression by boosting our mood. Add physical activity which also acts as a mood booster by realising endorphins (hormones of happiness) and you have a tasty back-to-life cocktail. :)

So go ahead, google "hiking trails close to me" or just go for a brisk walk in your neighbourhood and it's guaranteed that you will feel better. Keep that peaceful feeling inside you :)


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