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Have you ever wondered why you cannot incorporate workouts into your day and finally start doing what you know will make you feel better, stronger and more confident? What do other fitness enthusiasts who are capable of staying active have in common?

Well my dear friend, it is all based on rules, habits and routines. Let's start with the most basic rules of fitness lifestyle:


You are ready for a change, start doing it! Do your first workout and tomorrow do another one. Keep going! Keep doing it! There will be many cold rainy days, dark winter mornings and nights. You will have less time one day than the day before. You will be more tired after a long day at work or school. JUST. KEEP. DOING. IT. Set your mindset towards your goals. NO EXCUSES. Make your health and fitness a PRIORITY. You are important, take care of your body and soul on daily basis.


Be strict to yourself. Mean what you say. Take your ambitions seriously. You want only the best for you so listen to your dedication. Remind yourself of your goals and work hard on reaching them. Stick to your program. Imagine the sweet feeling of accomplishment. Hard work and discipline is more than worth it. Be proud of how much you are willing to do to create a better version of you.


Know what you do and how it will help you progress in your fitness journey. Find a program the best for your needs. The most effective way is hiring a personal trainer or a fitness coach. Everybody is different. You probably will not get the most out of the first googled template workout. Having a schedule of your workouts makes training easier on daily basis. You do not need to ask yourself "Do I do legs or core today? Do I need extra time for cardio tomorrow?" It is all set for you, you just go and do it.


For most of us the hardest part of fitness. Diet. Thankfully we already know that there's NO NEED OF DRASTIC DIETING. Extreme diets are so outdated. It is all about making healthy choices and eating clean. Feed your body right, don't turn it into a garbage can. After some time of proper eating you will actually start tasting food. There's more flavours than salty and sweet and their combinations are amazing! :)


People who stick to their training usually LOVE what they do and they wake up excited about their next workout. There's so many different kinds of sports and training. If you feel miserable every time you get to a gym and just looking at dumbbells makes you dizzy, try something else. Try different classes. Pilates, yoga, HIIT, spinning or go swimming, play volleyball etc. It may take some time to find the sport you will fall in love with but you will. :)


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