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Martina S.

I’ve heard about Lenka from my friend and I signed up with her as a personal trainer in October 2020. I am so happy that and I strongly recommend her as your online personal trainer. I definitely can see results on myself. My core is super strong, my legs are hard as stone. I turned to Lenka with my ongoing issues. I run, bike and swim when Covid-19 situation allows. I started to feel pains and realized that I needed to strengthen my body. I personally thank Lenka for building workouts for me that allow me to push further to higher limits. She guides me and adjusts the exercises on the go. I like her personal touch when she asks me if I am doing well or if I need to change any exercise. She cares a lot about people who she works with. Try her and I can say you will be very satisfied with the results you will  see after a short period of time already.


Jana V.

I started working with Lenka in November 2020. She is my first online personal trainer and I am really glad that I started training with her. Lenka is an amazing ftiness professional and she does a really good job helping me build up my self-confidence with the training program. She takes the time to carefully coordinate a workout plan that is tailored to me and my goals. She spends time not only helping me with the exercises but educating me on the importance of nutrition. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated for me, but she sends me encouraging messages throughout the week and she has really kept me moving. Lenka is also attentive and extremely knowledgeable. She knows so much about different types of workouts. She created a program that is enjoyable and exactly what I want and can do. After three months, I am pleased with my progress and feel assured that with her continued training and encouragement I will keep seeing results and attain my goal. Lenka as a personal trainer is knowledgeable, patient, and motivating. I really highly recommend her program! She is a great motivator and is mindful of your limits.


Martin P.

I have to say that Lenka is an awesome trainer I must highlight 3 key things: 1) The way of communication – Lenka is a very friendly person and she has been keeping in touch with me very well. She has been checking with me after almost every session, asking me how everything goes or if there's anything that needs to be modified in my program. I really like this way of working together. 2) Tailored to your needs approach– Lenka is great at modifying your training accommodating your special needs and recommendations from your physiotherapist. For example, I am a rugby player after a very complicated injury (Achilles tendon rupture) and I need a very special training to keep my body strong and get me ready to get on the field. I can say that 3 months after my surgery I am in the best condition in my life. Lenka has created customized workouts which I was able to do even without being able to use my left leg at all. After a couple sessions we slowly introduced lower body exercises involving my injured leg and everything is going great. 3) User-friendly App – Lenka is using a very user friendly app where you can easily monitor your progress and modify your exercises (e.g. the equipment is not available at your gym) The videos walk you through the exercise step by step and are easy to follow. I never believed that it is possible to have your personal trainer just online but after a couple of months I can say that it's working very well. Especially during this Covid times it is the best way of staying fit and following the social distance rules. My recovery is way faster than my doctor expected after the surgery and I think that a big portion of this success is thanks to working with Lenka and I just have to say a very big THANK YOU!


Marianna H.

"I started working with Lenka in the Fall of 2018 and have seen amazing results in just 5 months. In my first photo on the left, the summer was just finishing and I was the heaviest I had ever been weighing in at 150 lbs. After one month of getting back to the gym and starting to care about my body I lost 5 lbs, but it wasn't enough for me.


I decided it was time to hire a professional who can guide me in the right direction. I was having problems with form and certain movements due to previous injuries but Lenka was amazing at developing a program that was going to get me to my goals and help rehab and strengthen my body so those previous injuries weren't a problem anymore.


In the last picture I weigh in at 140 lbs which was a tough pill to swallow at first, but Lenka helped me to realize that the number is just a number. It doesn't show how hard I work or how much fat lost and muscle gained. I am so in love with working with Lenka, she's become a great friend and mentor." 


Amanda R.

Lenka is honestly a miracle worker. Not only has she helped me obtain the knowledge to work towards a stronger, more healthy lifestyle, she has also boosted my confidence to the point of actually being comfortable at the gym.


Before I started my personal training sessions I was afraid of trying new machines, the weights area was a definite no-go zone, and I only went to the gym once or twice a week. I was very self conscious, and it was hard to focus on working out when I felt like I was being judged by those who actually knew what they were doing. With Lenka's guidance I actually started looking foreword to going to the gym.


Her positive attitude is contagious, she respects your limits and pushes you to expand them. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer!"


Steve K.

I started working out with Lenka in February of 2019. When I first started I really didn't know what I was doing and the whole gym was pretty intimidating because of that. After I started personal training with Lenka, it started feeling more normal and not intimidating at all. With everything Lenka knows and the way she teaches I have learned so much as I have progressed and changed. She is a super nice person, still has the knowledge and voice to let you know when it's time to work hard. If you're thinking about starting to train for whatever reason, Lenka is a huge help whether you are a total beginner or a huge pro and she will only help you improve on what you already have.


Erika S.

"Lenka is a miracle worker! When I first started training it was because I was getting married and wanted to feel good for my wedding.


I never thought I would enjoy going to the gym but between Lenka and the other staff at Anytime Fitness I genuinely look forward to my gym visits. I always viewed going to the gym for the sole purpose of “losing weight” and while that is still my objective I now look at it as a lifestyle change to becoming a healthier version of myself.


The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that like I feel like belong at the gym, rather than feeling self-conscious for being there.


Lenka has given me that confidence!"


Peter H.

I was brand new to the gym and was not motivated to figure it out on my own. With Lenka and we immediately clicked and were excited to work together.


With Lenka I have the motivation to come to the gym to get rid of my ‘Dad Bod’ and be healthier for myself and my family. Lenka is always positive and enthusiastic during my workouts and it helps to make them feel like less of a punishment. I even come to the gym on my own regularly which I don’t think I would have done normally.


I feel stronger and healthier both mentally and physically. My waist has really slimmed out and my motivation to workout has improved. I would certainly say I would not see the results I do now without my Trainer Lenka


Jacob P.

As a newbie to the gym I was struggling to make progress. Training with Lenka is a great experience. She helped me with my diet, my form, and she showed me tons of new exercises.


After training together for about 2 months I gained 8 lbs of lean muscle, reaching my target weight. Lenka helped make coming to the gym fun again.


Along with being super knowledgeable, she is just real easy to talk to and get along with. We had a lot of laughs and I always looked forward to our sessions together. I'm super stoked on my results and the knowledge I've gained. I would highly recommend training with Lenka.


Linda G.

I started working with Lenka in March of 2018 after realizing that my lifestyle was becoming more sedetary, following surgery and weight gain. I had always been fortunate to have a fit, trim figure, so this new 'body' was disconcerting to me.  Lenka has done an amazing job inspiring me to push harder, with little increase in pain, while maintaining my sense of humour. 

I suffer back pain from a fall down the stairs at age 15. I now have arthritis in myspine, neck and back, which all add to my discomfort. Rods and screws were inserted in my back in 2016, which has helped, somewhat. I have never known a day without pain since my accident, so if I waited for that to improve, I would never accomplish anything. Life goes on, we must make the best of it. It is too easy to put the gym off because of fatigue or pain. Once you start that, it's all downhill. I hope to inspire others, regardless of age.I used my new-found arm strength a few weeks ago, when I fell and started slipping down a ravine. The only way I could climb up was to grab tree roots and haul myself up, using only my arms.

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