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prioritizing professional but friendly guidance, self care, satisfying results and fun.



Your Fitness Support System

Join this friendly fitness support system provided by your active lifestyle coach Lenka full of professional guidance, workout & nutrition advice, and meaningful connection enhanced by other amazing people in the community. You're welcome here! :)

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Confidence Catalyst

Are you ready to awaken your confidence, strength, personal & professional success by locking in your fitness and active lifestyle routine? Your fitness support system is here and ready to help you succeed. You deserve this! You got this!


I am Lenka, your active lifestyle coach.

Fitness and active lifestyle literally saved my life and it gave me purpose. I understand that going through life can be very challenging. Everyone has a story and deals with life to their best abilities.
Working out and leading an active lifestyle has been contributing to my and my clients’ life in such a positive way that I need to share it with you too. I know that with your physical health and abilities you are empowered and much more likely to get through life more comfortably. It is the truth.
That is why I created this Fitness Support System and safe space for everyone who is ready to incorporate or level up their fitness level, improve their mental health and well-being through accepting guidance and support.

I am here to guide you with my expertise, enthusiasm, experience and daily life shares. I will help you get started and keep you going on your fitness journey. It will get easier but there will be bumps on the road, either it’s physical progress, motivation, discipline or your physical capabilities and that is OK. We are here together striving for a stronger, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

My honest desire to guide and support you in your daily fitness is backed up with over 9 years of experience in the fitness industry. I hold an ACE personal training and Precision Nutrition nutrition certification. I am a fan of weight lifting, functional training and all kinds of cardio activities. I also have experience in natural bodybuilding competitions, placing in bikini fitness category.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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Talk soon :) ~Lenka

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