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8-Week Online Fitness Program
Start Date: March 4th, 2024

Gear up for the ultimate mountain biking season with our comprehensive online fitness program! Designed specifically for riders of all levels, our program combines high-intensity spin workouts to build endurance and cardiovascular strength with targeted gym sessions to enhance core stability, leg strength, and overall power. Whether you're hitting the trails for the first time or a seasoned rider looking to elevate your performance, our structured regimen will prepare you to conquer any terrain with confidence and agility. Get ready to ride stronger, faster, and farther than ever before!

Featuring two phases, each lasting four weeks, our program includes:

- 2-month access to Fit With Lenka app

- 9 unique spin workouts suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders gradually elevating your fitness level with 2 sessions per week 
- 6 progressive gym workouts spanning 24 sessions
- Dedicated recovery sessions
- Expert nutrition guidance enhanced with customizable delicious recipes, your kcal and macros customized (one sample day with a 3-meal plan)
- Tips for cultivating healthy habits
- Monthly challenges to keep you motivated
- In-App Tracking synced with your  fitness tracker
- Lenka's support and guidance
- Access to a supportive group chat for community interaction. 

Get ready to dominate the trails!


Let's Get Started

Join the program for only 249 CAD (+tax). After registration, you'll receive access to Fit With Lenka app and the program.
Price including tax is $271.45

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